3D CAT Scanning technology



All-in-one treatment centers

        Patients receive complete, fast, and convenient treatment all in one location. Esthetic & Implant Clinic has an experienced team of dental professionals, 3D CAT Scanning technology, and a specialized On-site Dental Implant Lab, which sets Esthetic & Implant Clinic apart from traditional dental treatment providers.

3D CAT Scanning technology

State-of-the-art technology

        Esthetic & Implant Clinic is one of the select  to use 3D CAT Scans for diagnosis and treatment planning. Only  20 seconds, the scan supports a higher level of patient care. 3D CAT Scans allow a detailed look at existing teeth, bone, nerves, and tissue.
        The 3D CAT Scan provides three - dimensional and cross-sectional views that allow our surgical and restorative team to:

Examine the quality and density of the bone that will anchor the dental implant,
Determine the proper treatment approach for each individual patient,
Determine the precise placement of implants,
Select the correct type and size of the implants, and
Select the correct type and size of the implants, and


        A 3D CAT Scan provides doctors with an advanced, detailed view of a patient's teeth, bone, tissue, and nerves.