Esthetic and cosmetic analysis, diagnosis and treatment

In modern dentistry, there are now many complex treatments available to correct all types of problems in both chewing function and appearance due to teeth that are discolored, broken, missing, or in the wrong position resulting in open spaces or crowding.  Examples include tooth whitening, tooth colored restorative materials, Porcelain Veneers on the front teeth to fix stained or slightly out of place teeth, Computer Aided Design and Manufactured (CAD/CAM) crowns and bridges, dental implants, orthodontic tooth movement, or more complex surgical procedures for bigger dental concerns.
This is good news for patients who want to get their old smile back, and feel better about themselves. The first step in any dental treatment is a detailed analysis of your individual case and tooth arrangement, with which to design a specific treatment plan so that our Dentists can provide treatment options for you to select from.

Here at the Esthetic & Implant Clinic in order to deliver the best treatment for your specific situation and desired appearance outcome we utilize some of the most up-to-date diagnostic tests and procedures currently available.

At your first visit you will fill out a detailed questionnaire on your concerns about your teeth and appearance so we can prepare an individual treatment plan to give the best outcome to your satisfaction.

You will also receive a comprehensive Digital Radiographic (X-Ray) examination of your teeth and the jawbone supporting them. Since this examination is digital, the results can be reviewed by you and your Dentist in any of our patient treatment areas that you may be in at any time. Another benefit is digital records don’t fade or worsen over time which is a problem with conventional radiographs. High quality pretreatment photographs will be taken of your appearance to aid in making accurate diagnosis decisions and for comparison after your treatment is completed.  Impressions of your teeth and gums will be taken using the most modern impression material available to ensure 100% accurate reproduction of these to use in your treatment.  Using models prepared from these impressions, we do what is known as a diagnostic wax-up. This is making a wax model of what your teeth will ideally look like after treatment is completed.

If you want to get dental implants to use in filling in for missing teeth, you will also receive a Computerized Tomography (CT) scan. This is a special type of x-ray which is used to diagnose the amount and quality of the bone in your jaw to receive an implant. Don’t worry that you might not have enough bone. Our Dentists are experts at procedures used to make more bone grow at the spot you need.

Following these tests and procedures, your Dentist will design a treatment plan that is specific for your situation and desired final appearance. This plan is reviewed by Senior Faculty who are specialists with up to decades of experience in the different phases of Dentistry your treatment will involve. Your Dentist will then present you with the individualized treatment plan including what treatment options may be available as well as what might happen if you choose not to have treatment at this time.  You then, with your Dentist, will agree on which treatment direction to proceed with.

Then you are on the road to getting your beautiful smile back!!!