Zeiss OPMI Pico microscope system

Outstanding optics reveal even the smallest structure
with amazing clarity and razor-sharp definition. Zeiss
widefield optics are your guarantee of impressive
panorama observation - seeing really is believing.

The manually adjustable, 5-step magnification changer
provides different magnifications precisely tailored to
practical requirements.

Sensitive focusing with the focusing objective lens or
the float system 
OPMI® pico Lab Microscopes
Excellence down to the last detail


The Convenience

Comfortable viewing ensures maximum ergonomic convenience at the workplace and guarantees an upright,
extremely comfortable sitting posture.

High-eyepoint eyepieces and PD adjustment for relaxed viewing of your work area at all times.
Variable working distance through exchangeable objective lenses with different focal lengths

The Illumination


Fiber optic illumination with 12V 100 W halogen lamp coupled coaxially to the viewing ray path - your promise of a
bright, homogeneous field of illumination

Angled optics for viewing in any position


There are, of course, difficult-to-access areas which
would make therapy almost impossible, were it not for
the angled optics.

These optics allow you to view these difficult-to-access
areas in a comfortable posture and to direct the light right
to where you need it.

A rotatable tube dovetail allows ideal viewing when
OPMI® PROergo is tilted to one side or into extreme
These are benefits which your back and neck will thank you for –
especially when you must work over long periods